Bob from Seattle, « the Renault R16 saver »

Bob habite Seattle, État de Washington (nord ouest des USA). Il se prétend ‘l’homme de la Renault 16 aux USA ». Qui pourrait dire le contraire ?

La Renault 16 US de Bob, sous le regard d’Humphrey Bogard.

En été 2011, sur un plateau XXL, arrivent deux Renault 16 US originaires du Montana: une pour la restauration, l’autre pour la pièce.

Sa première Renault 16 au moment de la restauration après un séjour de près de trente ans dans un garage américain ! Bob l’utilise désormais quotidiennement.

Nice work Bob ! You are definitively the « R16 US guy » !


3 réponses à “Bob from Seattle, « the Renault R16 saver »

  1. And here I thought I was the US R16 guy!

  2. Matt, you have to have a video with 3+ R16s and then I will crown you! Haha! I actually even had a 4th for a short time last summer in addition to these three. It was an 1153 that was converted to a 4-spd and became a runner! Two out of four resurrected—recycle, recycle old Renaults! When I was younger I had many R10s with my college roommate and enjoyed them immensely. Much funner and way faster than air-cooled VWs of the time! I have seen many of your videos on Youtube–Matt & you inspired me over two years to get mine going after it had sat 1978-2009. Thanks!

  3. Well, there is one in the west coast, the other in the east coast… I think you have both plenty of space to be the King of the 16 in each part of USA ! I can’t say the same thing for myself: we are three people owning 4 R16s in my neighborhood… I’m just the R16 guy of my street !


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